Fish feed extruding granule machine

2017-10-24 16:53
Feed puffing machine, cat food, dog food and other pet feed puffing equipment. Can produce a variety of flower shape, and can according to the requirements of the mold, product discharging mouth is equipped with rotary cutting device of frequency control of motor speed, the blade rotation speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, to control the cutting speed and length. This product has a novel design, high yield and stable operation. The main parts are made of special alloy materials which are refined by heat treatment, with high wear resistance and long service life.
Model Output  Power  Spiral diameter Cutting power  Feed drive
 YS60    100kg/h  15kw  60mm  0.4 0.4
 YS70    140kg/h  18.5kw  70mm  0.4 0.4
 YS80    200kg/h  22kw  80mm  0.4 0.4
 YS100    400-450  kg/h  30/37kw  100mm  1.5 1.1
 YS135    800-1000kh/h  55/75kw  133mm  2.2 1.1
 YS160  1200-1500kh/h  90kw  155mm  2.2 1.1
 YS200  1800-2000kg/h  132kw  195mm  3.0 1.5

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