25g small granule filling machine

2017-03-13 15:36


== Product introduction

1. The small sachet filling machine suits for toner powder,Da Hong Pao tea, black tea, green tea, flour tea, etc, strip-type and particle type filling. It adopts micro-computer, photoelectric technology control. High precision, high speed and good quality. Very easy to operate.

2. Dual shock structure, running smoothly, low noise.The small sachet filling machine is small size and lightweight. Projectile feeding, not squeeze the damagematerials, especially for packing fragile materiales.

3. This model small sachet filling machine inner side adopts spiral feed device, vibration working, high precision.

== Technical parameter

Model YSDT
Volt 220V
Power 100W
Packing weight 1-25g
Working speed 10-30/time/min
Packing precision 0—0.3G
Machine size 36*41*42CM
Weight 22kg

== Suitable materials


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