Corrosive liquid filling machine

2020-09-04 15:52
This series of filling machine is to use a computer for the micro water pump on the factors such as filling time, motor speed control, to achieve uniform, repetitive error minimal liquid filling way, widely used in medicine, chemical, food, beverage, grease, cosmetics and other industries, applicable to the low viscosity, no particles of liquid packing, small batch production.
The pump body of the machine is composed of various corrosion-resistant imported materials, the pump body is separated from the motor, and the pump body has no mechanical metal parts and no wear. With oil resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. This pump combines the advantages of self-priming pump and chemical pump, and has the advantages of self-priming function, thermal protection, smooth operation, continuous idle running for a long time, continuous load running for a long time and so on.

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