Four head automatic paste filling line

2018-09-30 13:02


Models: GTSP2G double/GTSP4G four/six head/GTSP8G GTSP6G eight head automatic straight-line paste filling cap unscrewing machine, this production line consists of automatic unscramble bottle machine (optional), filling spin (rolling) cover unit, can complete filling and spin (rolling) cover, it is mainly used for semiliquid, paste, viscous body, sauce and various makings of material containing bottles of on-line production. The automatic linear filling spin (rolling) cover machine design is reasonable, stable and reliable operation and easy maintenance, convenient operation, accurate filling, can choose different production speed. It has intuitive and convenient operation, no bottle no filling, measuring accurate, no bottle no cover. Customizable multi-head filling and long screw cap. All electrical components adopt famous brand, full compliance with GMP requirements.

Technical parameters:

Model: GTSP2G (double head filling)/GTSP4G filling (four)/GTSP6G filling (6)/GTSP8G (eight head filling)

Filling speed: 10 to 30 bottles/min, 20-40 bottles/min, 20-60 bottles/min, 30-80 bottles per minute

Filling accuracy: ≦ + 1 ﹪

Cover rate: 99% or higher

Power supply: 380 v, 50 hz

Power: 1500 w

Source: 0.4 to 0.6 Mpa, 1.5 cubic/hour

Optional type filling capacity: 5-100 ml, 10-280 - ml, 20-500 ml, 100-1000 ml, 500-2000 ml, 1000-5000 ml, 1000-10000 ml

Dimension: 4000 * 1000 * 2000 mm

Weight: 800 kg

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